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Philippe Averous

K inésithérapeute Osteopath since 1995 and since 2001 in Pibrac.

He specializes in the management of sports pathologies , and has been working in high-level sport since 2004:


- French Canoe Kayak Team,

- Colomiers professional rugby team (ProD2),

- New Zealand Rugby Team during the World Cup in France,

- Physiotherapist / Osteo at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, then in Rio in 2016…

At the end of his osteopathic course, he began teaching (2001), as a lecturer at the French Osteopathic College (until 2007), and since then he has never ceased to multiply his experiences. as a trainer or lecturer (lecturer at IFMK Toulouse, teacher in manual therapy and management of sports pathologies, certified instructor of Kinesio Taping (CKTI) ...).