Osteopath DO graduated from CEESO Paris. Holder of two university diplomas in anatomy (Universities Paris V and Paris Ouest), since 2005 he has been teaching palpatory and clinical anatomy as well as dissection.

Laurent has been working in his own practice since 2002, he specializes in the diagnosis of neuro-musculoskeletal pain and the treatment of radicular pain / radiculopathies .


He is also passionate about neuroscience and maintains a blog on pain management in manual therapy. His areas of interest mainly focus on the neurophysiological mechanisms of pain, the reliability of osteopathic diagnosis and the physiological effects of manual osteopathic treatment.

Co-author of articles published in indexed scientific journals as well as speaker at international osteopathic congresses, he is involved in research (PHRC Hôpital Cochin, COME, IJOM reviewer).

Link to a training given by Laurent Fabre outside AccesFormation in Bordeaux: Osteopathy, neurosciences and pain: