Anthony Demont

Anthony Demont is a part-time freelance physiotherapist in Paris with specific care for chronic painful pathologies, particularly headaches, in collaboration with several hospital services specializing in headache management. He is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris with the subject of evaluating direct access to physiotherapy for patients with musculoskeletal pathologies. He is also a contractual teacher at the University of Orleans on the management of cervical pathologies and headaches and associated and the use of assessment tools in musculoskeletal rehabilitation such as ultrasound.

He has participated in the writing of several articles for scientific journals on the management of headaches in physiotherapy. He has frequently presented oral communications on this topic for learned medical and physiotherapy societies.

He is a member of the Société Française d'Etudes des Migraines et Céphalées and Deputy Treasurer of the Hôpital-Ville Fight against Pain Network in Ile-de-France.