Physiotherapist / manual therapist in Reichshoffen in Alsace since 2007.

Inhabited by a humanist vision of his profession, his interests are heterogeneous: they range from neurosciences to the culture of movement in all its facets with the practices of yoga, qi gong, the Wim Hof ​​method, the Ido method. Portal, etc.

In addition to his liberal activity, he followed the basketball team of Gries-Oberhoffen (pro B) from 2012 to 2020.

Today, he is dedicated to offering training in DermoNeuroModulation to various continuing education organizations (INK, CEVAK, Accesformation, etc.).

He also works in companies in the prevention of MSDs where he offers series of movements and training for stress and MSD management.

He has been practicing DNM and neurodynamics for over 10 years.

He co-hosted the training with Diane Jacobs and Erik Ouellet in Montreal in 2019.

Yannick is certified in manual therapy (Gimbernat university school) and expert trainer by the CNAM.

He built his training from U theory, his training is collaborative and original with science-based content.