Taping Dermo Neuro Muscle

Multi-professional training

Kinesio taping® was invented by Dr Kenzo Kase, chiropractor, to prolong the therapeutic effect of his manual treatments.

The effects induced by Taping are, in part, linked to the tension applied to the tape which is then transmitted to the skin and then to the subcutaneous tissues.

These mechanical stimuli then interact with the many receptors present in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and thus produce neurophysiological reactions in cascades.

The interest of dermo neuro muscular taping is to manage to modify, by means of this new “incoming” sensory information, the reaction of the central nervous system and thus modulate the perception of pain, muscular reactions, secretions (neurohormones, neurotransmitters, immune system, inflammatory ...) ...

Price: 550 €

This training is intended for healthcare professionals who have to take care of patients with neuro musculoskeletal pathologies, at the acute or chronic stage.

It is part of the deepening of knowledge of diagnostic practices, therapeutic management and improvement of the skills of the health professions concerned.

The flexible restraint installation, of the Taping type, requires a reflexive, “patient-centered” approach to adapt the positioning technique in correlation with the therapeutic project.


educational goals


  1. Acquire the neurophysiological bases of taping.

  2. Master the different techniques of dermo neuro muscular taping.

  3. Set up a therapeutic strategy to adapt the use of Taping according to the neurophysiological mechanisms involved.


List of target audiences


Multi-professional action for DE chiropodists, DE physiotherapists, DO osteopaths, doctors.

All taping applications, for therapeutic purposes, will be done on the lower limbs in order to allow them to be mastered by all, in particular the pedicures-podiatrists present.




There is no other prerequisite to register for this training than to be a professional in one of the targeted professions.



Duration of training and organizational arrangements


The duration of the training: 14 hours,

Over 2 days

Max workforce: 20 people

Accessibility: disabled

Training content


Day 1

  • Basic concepts, neurophysiological reminders

  • Practice of tension recall

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Muscle applications

  • Neurophysiology of pain

  • Applications neurogenic pain and myofascial syndromes

  • Discussions


Day 2

  • Reminders of basic concepts and muscle applications

  • Mechanical corrective technique

  • Corrective fascia technique

  • Corrective analgesic technique

  • Tendon and ligament corrective technique

  • Functional corrective technique

  • Circulatory corrective technique

  • Examples of typical clinical applications

  • Masterful consultation

  • Consultation in pairs

  • Reviews / Discussion

Quality report of the last session

Geoffrey Delas is an Osteopath and Physiotherapist.

Graduated in Masso-Kinesitherapy in 2001, then in osteopathy in 2008, Geoffrey Delas began to engage in the transmission of knowledge in 2011, with a first experience in teaching within the institute of pedicure-podology of Bordeaux.

In 2012, he then began organizing continuing education sessions, in his areas of expertise, all over France, and in French-speaking countries.

Lecturer, trainer, passionate about neurosciences, he participates, within AccessFormation, or as a subcontractor, in the teaching of Dermo Neuromuscular Taping.

Trained since 2008 at Kinesio Taping , he became a course assistant for the organization Kinesio France Formation (organization dependent on Kenzo Kase , the inventor of Kinesio Taping).

Geoffrey Delas, has been teaching taping since 2011 at the Podiatry Institute of the Bordeaux University Hospital, then since 2012 he has been teaching a revisited version of taping: dermo neuro muscular taping.

The need to reconcile the practice of Taping, with scientific evidence, as well as a critical mind led to the development of this Dermo Neuro Muscle Taping course.



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