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Physiotherapist masseur for 8 years in SSR geriatrics, and holder of a Master 2 VHMA research option, and a Doctorate in movement sciences .

He was first interested in the fall of the elderly and in the search for its causes in the field of movement and balance. It is in this way that clinical reasoning has taken an increasingly important part in its formation.

In parallel with his hospital activity, he has always been strongly interested in musculoskeletal by working with competitive or high level athletes (BMX, Badminton).

To improve his clinical reasoning, he trained with the Maitland Concept in which he discovered a scientific view of clinical reasoning which he enjoyed to appropriate and practice.

Passionate about teaching and research, he did a doctorate in movement science on balancing mechanisms in which he was able to deepen fields of neuroscience and biomechanics.

Neurosciences and in particular Bayesianism have enriched his vision of clinical reasoning and made him want to transmit it both in IFMK and in continuing education.