A graduate of physiotherapist masseur since 2005, Matthieu LOUBIÈRE has held since 2012 an osteopath title, since 2014 a Master 2 in educational science, since 2018 a DU in clinical research methodology, since 2021 of a CMP certificate of practice of the Mulligan concept.

After a few years of liberal practice, he invested in teaching and gradually divided his activity between clinical practice specializing in Musculoskeletal and training. He has been teaching since 2007 in continuous training and since 2009 in initial training.

Its commitment allows it to participate not only in the organization of courses, courses and scientific validation (scientific direction of ITMP for 3 years, training for trainers, intervention within three IFMKs) but also to participate in monitoring and holding of the state diploma of Physiotherapist Masseur (10 sessions). It also welcomes foreign trainers and produces written and oral translations.

He participated in the creation and is co-manager of a training company GEM-K which organizes, hosts and conducts training in central eastern France. In 2017, he created a podcast and blog to promote physiotherapy and evidence-based practice.

To maintain and update knowledge in physiotherapy, he continues to train on average five times a year in both short and long courses.

His taste for human relations and the network thus constituted and maintained during all these years, allows him today to enter into communication with many resource persons. It thus develops partnerships with other training organizations (GBF, Kiné Lille, Kiné & Co, Synetic Formation). He is a member of learned societies (OMT France, SFP) and participated in the scientific committee of two congresses, one of which was responsible (JFK, REP).

He regularly participates in professional congresses (JFK, Gicare, SPB) and has published around twenty articles in national and indexed journals (Kiné la Revue, EMC, Main sLibres). He is the winner of the 2019 SFP Grand Prize.