After his physiotherapy studies (1986-1990), he began his osteopathic training in 1991 at CETOHM in Paris, currently ISO Paris.


Trained in the tissue approach of osteopathy since 1994, its evolution, which is still ongoing, leads him to practice this approach in his activity as an osteopath.


Since 2002, Jean has regularly presented the tissue approach to osteopathy at the School of Osteopathic Concept (Esculea del Concepto Osteopático - ECO) in Barcelona.


On the other hand, he regularly co-hosts level 1 and 2 training courses with Pierre Tricot in France and Spain.

The object of this session is a sharing of discoveries, understanding, experience and transmission of the conscious body model. Then a modus-operandi will be proposed, one of the originalities of the tissue approach, which leads to a new perspective in the therapeutic relationship.

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