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Motivational interviewing is a collaborative conversation style that reinforces a person's own motivation and commitment to change 1 . William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick, psychologists and university professors in the United States and the United Kingdom, thus define this form of interview which they conceptualized during the 1980s for the treatment of alcohol dependence. .

Motivational interviewing ( EM ) then spread around the world, and many practitioners now use it in many health fields (addictology, chronic diseases, nutrition, mental health, etc.) but also in the social and educational sector.

2022 - Bordeaux
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The purpose of this training is to approach the theoretical frame of reference and to acquire the fundamental skills allowing to experience the change in relational style involved in motivational interviewing.

The 3-day training is intended to be theoretical and practical preparation sufficiently complete to give the desire and skills for immediate application in the professional field.


Each half-day combines theoretical contributions and experimentation with the basic skills of motivational interviewing. This practical learning calls for very concrete scenarios and the trainees' abilities to stage their professional situations.

The complete training consists of 2 sessions of 3 days.


educational goals



  1. Differentiate between the 3 styles of communication

  2. Define the concept of empathy

  3. Define dissonance, ambivalence, EM and its fields of application

  4. Define the spirit, the 4 processes and the 5 know-how of ME

  5. Explain the importance of discourse-change (CD)

Know how

  1. Identify the corrective reflex, relational dead ends and their effects

  2. Ask open questions, formulate reflections and valuations, summarize

  3. Exchanging information in a motivational way

  4. Spotting the Change Discourse (CD)

  5. Use the 4 processes to guide the person through the interview


  1. Become aware of their own style of communication with the patient

  2. Detach from their mission to focus on the person

  3. Develop their capacity for empathy and their quality of presence with others

List of target audiences


Training aimed at professionals working in one of the targeted professions




No specific prerequisite apart from being interested in ME



Duration of training and organizational arrangements


Duration of training: 21 hours

Over 3 days

Complete training, composed of 2 sessions of 3 days

Max workforce: 20 people

Accessibility: disabled

Training content



The Francophone Association for the Diffusion of Motivational Maintenance was created in 2003 by a group of health professionals (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada), wishing to disseminate the concepts and practice of the interview in the French-speaking world. motivational.

It now has nearly 130 members around the world. In 2019, AFDEM had 1,647 participants trained, 23,614 hours of training provided (internal and on site) and an overall satisfaction rate of 100%.

AFDEM has more than 45 trainers, coming from France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland and Lebanon. Most of them have the particularity of being active clinicians: doctors, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, etc. Some of them are trained in supervision, in the use of MITI and in motivational group interview. Some are members of the international network of trainers in Motivational Interviewing (MINT http: // www.

An international association under French law (non-profit according to the 1901 law), AFDEM is linked to the international network for the dissemination and promotion of motivational interviewing (MINT - Motivational interviewing network of trainers). The association intends to offer and develop training in motivational interviewing, in order to maintain quality and rigor that respect the spirit that underlies it. The training courses are aimed at different audiences working in care, prevention, advice, social or educational action, with a view to adapting to the specific situations encountered by each. It also strives to be a resource body for its members by promoting discussion and reflection around the fields of application, and the development of educational material.

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