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“He who likes to learn is

very close to knowledge. ”


Geoffrey delas

Founder, Physiotherapist, Osteopath

Graduated in Masso-Kinesitherapy in 2001, then in osteopathy in 2008, Geoffrey Delas began to engage in the transmission of knowledge in 2011, with a first experience in teaching within the institute of pedicure-podology of Bordeaux .

In 2012, he then began organizing continuing education sessions, in his areas of expertise, all over France, and in French-speaking countries.

Lecturer, trainer, passionate about neurosciences, he participates, within AccessFormation, or as a subcontractor, in the teaching of Dermo Neuromuscular Taping and in the teaching of neurodynamic techniques.

Trained since 2008 at Kinesio Taping , he became a course assistant for the organization Kinesio France Formation (organization dependent on Kenzo Kase , the inventor of Kinesio Taping).

Geoffrey Delas, has been teaching taping since 2011 at the Podiatry Institute of the Bordeaux University Hospital, then since 2012 he has been teaching a revisited version of taping: dermo neuro muscular taping.

The need to reconcile the practice of Taping, with scientific evidence, as well as a critical mind led to the development of this Dermo Neuro Muscle Taping course.

What is AccessFormation ?

AccesFormation is a continuing education organization for health professionals (initial medical or paramedical training / state diploma or osteopathy diploma).

The training offer offered by AccesFormation is intended for:

- to any physiotherapist masseur, podiatrist, doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist ...

- manual therapy professionals, massage specialists, functional rehabilitation practitioners, physical activities / muscle strengthening / gymnastics technicians, those who swear by their high-level athlete, science enthusiasts, etc.

- to you who practice in private practice, in a rehabilitation center, rehabilitation, ...

- to you who seek to improve your care, the care you provide to your patients.

In short AccesFormation is intended for all those who like to learn.

The selection of speakers for training is based on expertise that is both scientific, clinical, and above all educational!

Because whatever the course of the trainer, the transmission of knowledge remains the main objective of our institute!

The seminars and training offered by Acces Formation follow a quality approach in order to provide high training standards. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our organization is currently Datadocked , and is committing in 2020 to the Qualiopi certification process, to remain compliant with the new national quality reference system (RNQ) defined in June 2019.

Our training will lead you to acquire clinical reasoning as well as advanced practice of your profession, in an “evidence based practice” approach.

Average participant satisfaction ratings for all training courses (out of 10):

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Testimonials :

Accu Neil organization and trainer at the top, very competent and teacher, very colorful to understand everything.

Accu Neil organization and trainer at the top, very competent and teacher, very colorful to understand everything.

Accu Neil organization and trainer at the top, very competent and teacher, very colorful to understand everything.

The trainer's teaching skills as well as up-to-date and referenced content. Listening and open to discussion trainer.

Complete training with a lot of simulation, always focused on the patient and not on the practitioner.


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